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Innovation of packaging in the industry

Industrial packaging often requires a careful approach. From large volumes with simple boxes, to specialist packaging work such as long-length packaging that must meet the highest requirements. It is of great importance that the products are well protected.

Packaging can be smarter and more efficient

That is why Papermail Packaging has set up its own development location for industrial packaging in Venlo. Here we develop and test packaging for various customers in the industry. Packs of the strongest possible cardboard that are easy to cut to length and are just as sturdy as bulky large crates that take up a lot of space in your production. In this way we think along smartly and environmentally and cost-effectively with our customers in the industry.

View our revolutionary solution for industrial customers who pack high-quality profiles with different lengths.

Do you think you can package your products in a smarter way or save on purchasing? Then please contact us. We like to think along with you.

Locations in Venlo and throughout Europe

From Venlo in Limburg, Papermail knows the production gems in the European market. Thanks to our years of experience in the field of packaging, we have come into contact from Limburg with specialized production companies throughout Europe. Packaging specialists who produce daily packaging for various markets. Each with his own specialty. In this way we realize beautiful packaging solutions for our customers in Venlo, Limburg and the rest of the Netherlands at razor-sharp prices.

Are you curious about the possibilities? Then contact us here.

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Thanks to our graphic knowledge and contacts with production gems in the complete European market, we can perfectly help you with your packaging at a razor sharp pricings. Feel free to contact us if you want to develop your new packaging or let us make a price comparison. Call, fill in the contact form or chat with us.

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Do you pack profiles or products with long lengths?

If you produce long profiles or products and need to transport them, then that is probably not always easy.